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استيراد وتوزيع اجهزة ومستلزمات طبية

استيراد وتوزيع طبي

Proud to provide The Best Care

Alzaher company Ltd was established to be one of the companies interested and advanced in supplying medical equipment and supplies.



Alzaher is dedicated to providing all of its customers with the highest quality products and the most trusted brands. Alzaher has served the healthcare sector in Saudi Arabia with a wide range of medical and diagnostic equipment and consumables for years.

Alzaher is so proud to show some brands & products that we deal with, and our chain of pharmacies, and the warehouses that our company own.

The Supplied and distributed Brands by

Alzaher Company Ltd

Alzaher is the 

UTM Cuban Agency

in Saudi Arabia

 Alzaher concerns with transporting media, diagnostics materials, medical equipment, and disposable products.


The table below shows all the swap products have been distributed in the Saudi market 

Alzaher looks deeply and carefully to the quality of products as well as to customer satisfaction through dealing with reliable and trustworthy manufactures and companies.


Alzaher Deals with many Medical Suppliers and Manufacturers  

Our Customers 

Confidently, We Spread Over The Kingdom Cities 


Shows some of our customers

Our Goal and Strategy to spread and reach all government and private Medical Centers 

Saudi Arabia - Mecca - Al Diyafa street Alzaher Polyclinic - PO Box: 17434

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