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Feed Additives  | Alzaher Company Ltd | Mecca

Alzaher is the 

Premier Nutrition Agency

in Saudi Arabia

We provide the best for your farms

Alzaher Company Ltd is authorized for distributing and marketing the British Premier Nutrition Products in Saudi Arabia. This brand has authentic and trusted products which concern for Ruminant and Pets. 

Feed Additives Ruminants Poultry

Our passion is about helping farmers to maximize production from healthy animals that can move seamlessly through their life-cycle, from conception through to calving and then milk or meat production. Alzaher deals with leaders in researching, designing, and investing in innovative solutions, whether that is bespoke premix supply or on-farm supplements.

Saudi Arabia - Mecca - Al Diyafa street Alzaher Polyclinic - PO Box: 17434

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