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About Us   Alzaher Company Ltd | Mecca

Alzaher in Brief

  • ​(Al-Zahir) was established in 2000 to operate mainly to serve the medical sector in Makkah Al-Mukarramah, which expanded and reached (multiple clinics, Al-Zaher pharmacies chain and many warehouses) spread over the cities of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

  • As an extension of the famous brand name (Al-Zaher); Al-Zaher Pharmacy Co., Ltd. was established in 2009.

 Our Goal

We aim to cover the needs of the local, regional, and global markets with high quality and low prices. 

 Our Objectives

  • Alzaher Company Ltd. has founded to be the best company for importing & exporting and distributing all Pharmaceutical, Medical equipment & disposable products, Nutrition, Cosmetic Products, and Food supplements, as well as feed additives veterinary.

  • In order to deal distinctively with our customers, we keen to employ experienced and qualified sales teams in each region, who have the ability to apply satisfied serveries. 

Alzaher Covers These Disciplines 

  • Pharmaceutical

  • Medical Equipment & Disposable Products

  • Nutritional Supply

  • Cosmetics

  • Feed Additives

Quality Management System

  • Alzaher Company Ltd was established to provide health care services in the Mecca region, concerning a high quality at a proper cost.

  • The quality process covers all sectors in all stages from choosing the products, passing through the stores, till the hand of consumers. We promised to provide the best and the highest services since the very beginning.

  • Alzaher looks deeply and carefully to the quality of products as well as to customer satisfaction through dealing with reliable and trustworthy manufactures and companies.

Our Clients

Our Clints spread over all the KSA cities

  • National Unified Procurement Company "NUPCO"

  • Saudi Aramco Health Services

  • Ministry of Health

  • National Guard hospitals in Riyadh, Jeddah, Hofouf and Dammam

  • Ministry of Defense & Aviation

  • Ministry of Interior hospitals in all regions

  • King Faisal Specialist hospitals in Riyadh and Jeddah

  • All teaching and university hospitals

  • All government and semi-government hospitals

  • Private sector companies and research institutes

  • Ministry of Interior forensic laboratories

Saudi Arabia - Mecca - Al Diyafa street - Alzaher Polyclinic - PO Box: 17434

  ©Alzaher Company 2009 - 2023

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